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Intriguing in the right way is what I believe is the true meaning of success for what I do. In the world of online research, virtual learning and internet influencing, I think it's important for us to choose the right track to flare up and shine bright, which seems tough with the regular evolution of internet influencing. My blog is exactly the same criterion-based that lets you have a brief understanding of modern technology and its different aspects like marketing and influencing. Especially, marketing that is the money-making factor of today's virtual world. Getting into my professional and personal books I would say I am a website designing and web development enthusiast with the topping up skills of app development. I have started a blog with the primary objective of embellishing the concept of website designing and development as well with the utmost knowledge I acquire in the arena. Realizing the importance of Social media and its substantial contribution in marketing and conversion rates, I also promote different marketing concepts on the social media giant, the "Facebook". With the academic background of computer applications, I consider myself to be self-sufficient with the skills of System Analyst and also have two years of experience as Application Support and Technical Support executive. A hands-on experience in testing and troubleshooting with different working tools and professional handling of bugs within the given deadline is what I feel proficient in. A glimpse of my professional life could be described in a better way as "A competitor is all you need for culminating success!", explaining it I can say, I have learned the nuances of implementing software technologies in many of the top-end solutions companies and enhanced my logical and analytical skills. To survive and look for the advancement in my career I strived hard to gain the proficient knowledge while working with the competitors, as I feel no one else but a competitor motivates you better to achieve the goals. Interestingly, my professional and personal career interests do have slight similarities. I love myself into blogging and interacting with the audience while I share the aspects and views on what I blog. Blogging is my part-time interest and a stress-buster. I consider putting forth the opinions and views that can help the people to grow and learn the things from different facets. I would say, the technology is a vast subject that has different views and aspects and on which the people put forth their opinions, and my blog will help you view the technology and its different entities like marketing and development strategies. After all, learning is the never-ending affair of our life and then realizing the different aspects of each strategy or technique learn help you grow and seek advancement. Learn, understand, realize, strategize, implement, reckon the growth, improve are something I feel are the key skills for the uphill journey and the factors that relate to it in hierarchical order, the order can't be missed to reach the culminating success. Thanks!.

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Our work is based on quality and we thrive to maintain our quality. We don't impress our clients through words but we impress them through our quality and smart work. We provide low cost website design in chennai, freelance website design in chennai, seo website design in chennai,brochure design in chennai

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Technology is a vast domain and accretion is obvious for every aspect that is into the technology with a vision to grow and look forward to enhancement and so is Kumbha technology following the tradition of boost and enhancement in technology domain..

Founded in the year 2017 in the month of June our services were limited to providing the content writing services to our clientele but today we stand expanding our realm to provide our clientele with expert website designing and development services. Partnering with startups and joining hands with other skilled startups we are looking forward to deliver quality content and website services.

Apart from website development and website designing services we also offer various services like Digital Marketing Service, Website design Service Chennai, e-commerce website service Chennai, POS Chennai, WhatsApp marketing Service Chennai, Video making Service Chennai, e-Auction service Chennai,SOP and content writing service India, Chennai.

We are committed to deliver you the specialized web designing and development services with integrated modern technology. We have a professional team backing our services specialized in several domains like website development, SEO, website expert designing, Digital marketing, and PR. We offer you the modernized web services that meet individual requirements. Our team of determined and dedicated professionals works around the clock and is always at your service to deliver you the best when it comes to customized services.

Offering the expertise in services and modern innovations we prove to be one among the dynamic and generation next companies providing services across India. With a vision of expanding our services to meet all your business requirements, we aim to serve you better and with respect to which we are engaged in incorporating all the latest website services and also the marketing services.

Why choose us?

Kumbha Technology offers you a plethora of high-quality web-related services from web development to web designing, SEO and marketing solutions. We provide you with the user-friendly portal and interactive website or SEO solutions that can get your website on the top of search results. We offer you the solutions that satisfy your requirements.

We strive to provide you the best of solutions for your requirements on time and within the budget and also those that will help you elevate you business and attain greater heights. With our wide experience and rich expertise in various aspects of web services, we provide you the customized solutions that help you integrate seamlessly and offer maximum value to our clientele

We believe in engaging, enhancing and empowering which means we engage our targets, strive to enhance their experience and empower their brand in the market through our expert services. Our team of professionals develop and design the websites, which transcends the expectations and promotes it in the market in a way that builds the brand’s name and solidifies the brand’s consistency.

Our objective at Kumbha Technology is to provide the services that satisfies the customers and solutions that bring about the difference and elevates the customer’s businesses.



Learn About Backlinks , April 10, 2019

>We can see the hype about the backlinks around the SEO community since long, this term for them refers to the success of their website and theirs as well. But what does it actually mean? Why do they need it? And how do they build them?

Let's understand and learn about each in detail below. What are Backlinks? The term "Backlinks" in SEO is actually referred to as the incoming links to a webpage. If a webpage is linked to any other webpage it is called a Backlink. Backlinks are the major metrics for the higher rank of a webpage, a page with a lot of backlinks tends to have a higher ranking on all popular search engines like Google. Need for Backlinks Even low-quality links at times helped in ranking a site but since the Google rolled out to the Penguin algorithm, the whole concept of using backlinking has changed. Moving on to why we need the backlinks, it is important to create backlinks to your site for the following reasons.

1) To improve organic ranking As mentioned, they substantially contribute to getting better search engine rankings. If your content is getting organic links then that content will eventually rank higher with the search engines.

2) For faster indexing Getting your discovered is also a thing in search engine ranking and backlinks helps the search engine bots discover links to your site and crawl your site effectively. And if you are just a beginner in the blogging world then your website will need backlinks, as they help in the faster discovery and indexing of your site.

3) For referral traffic This is the major benefit of having backlinks, they help you get the referral traffic and usually, referral traffic is targeted and has a low bounce rate. So, eventually, if you want to get discovered by the search engines and get higher SEO ranking backlink your pages with the relevant web pages. Let's learn how to build the backlinks for your websites.

How to build Backlinks?

Let's learn few simple techniques to generate backlinks to your site, one fact you will need to bear in mind about backlink SEO is that it is not the number of backlinks you generated which matters but the quality of backlinks is rather important.So, here are the ways to get quality backlinks for your blog.

1)Write good content articles.

2)Use the broken link building strategy.

3)Become a source for reporters and bloggers.

4)Build backlinks form outdated resources

5)Use content formats are proven to generate quality backlinks and social shares.

6)Ty publishing ultimate guides for high-quality backlinks


7)Create cornerstone articles.

8)Start guest blogging.

9)Use branded and latest strategies and techniques to generate the backlinks.

10)Submit to the web directories.

So, these were the ways you can get high-quality backlinks to your website and ultimately get your website positioned at a higher rank. It is important to practice the right strategies that can get your website discovered by the giant search engines.

New Marketing trends in India

Read aout Marketing trends in India, April 10, 2019

With the evolving technology, we got new trends each day and so in the marketing too. Marketing earlier was all about getting attention to a brand by either advertising it in a newspaper or on TV. But now gone are those days, we live in the internet century where all is done virtually be it marketing or purchasing.

Talking about the new marketing trends and practices of the industry below are few of them that are most implemented and practiced in the industry. So, let get going with the understanding of new ways of attention seeking to your brand in this "internet" century.

1)Video Marketing

What can be more impressive and attention seeking than a video that interprets a brand's personality. Using a video to promote a brand is a new marketing trend embraced by many because of the following benefits

Video Marketing increase conversion rates

Video Marketing attracts traffics

Video Marketing us easily accessible, effective in representing the brand's or service's characteristics.

So, the little videos of the brand's events and video campaigns can boost up the customer base. Interactive Content Marketing Content is always the king of the marketing, and interactive content marketing is not any groundbreaking new format it is just another category of content marketing that is shaping up in the industry of marketing. So, interactive content marketing is one of a kind of content marketing that involves engaging the audience so that the prospectus can transition into highly qualified leads and sales could get closed quickly. Some of the ways the brand implement the interactive content marketing are by conducting surveys, quizzes, trivia, and even games today are a part of interactive content marketing.

2)Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing is a mixed approach of content marketing and social media marketing, in fact, it is a slow-and-steady approach but ultimately lands the loyal customer base at the brand's end. Call it a replica of idea where the celebrity endorsements are placed into the content-driven marketing campaign. All a brand needs to do to implement this marketing strategy is to find out the most powerful influencer with a large fan base.

3)Social Media Marketing

Well, the name of the marketing itself associates with a social media setup. This popular marketing trend came into the big picture with the growing fan base of the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., This strategy is the most implemented and practiced one, as the content of marketing goes viral within the minutes of posting. So, regardless of the content of the brand you get a million views to it by just sharing it on your social media setup. Great and amazing isn't it?

4)Mobile Focused Digital Marketing

People are more those sleek screens, resulting to which the search engine Giant Google has announced to rank the website in accordance with their mobile-responsive designs. Thus making it easier for us to access those websites form our sleeker screens.

Conclusion These were just few marketing trends among many there are lot many existing and a lot more to come ahead in the future.

Google Crawler

How Google Index , April 17, 2019

With the advancement reaching heights each day we have new terms and stuff adding in our virtual life. If you have landed here to know what Google Crawler is

then know that you are not the one riding the boat you got others on the board as well especially the SEOs. If you are a newbie to SEO (Search engine Optimization) and website marketing then it’s obvious to encounter the works like “Google Crawler”, “Web Crawler”, or “GoogleBot”, “Search Engine Spider”, or say, “Search Engine Robot”, they might all seem to be different terms with different meaning and purpose. But it isn’t the fact. They all share the same meaning and same purpose. Let’s dig into Google Crawler and know what it is.

What is Google Crawler?

Google Crawler or Google We Crawler is an automated program that systematically browses the internet for new pages and this is called web-spidering or web-indexing. The search engines like Google and other prominent ones use web crawlers to update their search indexes. Every search engine has its own index and also its own web crawler called with different names. The Google’s web crawler is called as GoogleBot.

Apart from this, the Google has several bots like Googlebot (desktop), Googlebot (mobile), Googlebot (images), Googlebot (videos), Googlebot (news), etc., among all of these the Googlebot desktop and mobile are the most important ones. Now that we know what Google Crawler is, we have another cropping up question in minds “What do they do?”. So, let’s find out what they do.

Working of Google Crawler

The Google crawler and other web crawlers follows the links they find on the web pages. If the crawler finds the new link on a page, it adds the page to the list of pages that the crawler will be visiting next and if that link does not work anymore or has new content then Google will update the index. .

In order to determine where to go next or which page to visit next, the Google crawler uses the sitemaps and databases of links discovered during the previous crawls. If any changes in the link or broken links are found by the Google crawler, it will make a note of that so that the index can be updated.

What’s in it for us?

Well, the Google crawler plays a vital role in your SEO ranking. As a SEO, we wish our pages to be viewed on the first page or say at the first position in the Google search and the Google crawler makes it possible.

If you want to get good SEO rankings on Google, then you need to make sure that the crawlers can easily crawl through your web pages, and can correctly index your web pages.

If your web pages answer the Google crawler correctly then you will get better ranking on the search engine. The Googlebot has to visit your web pages first if you want to see your web pages at the top of the Google’s search results.

So, call it an inspector for your pages.

Site Map

What is Sitemap , April 23, 2019

The sitemaps comes along with the term SEO. SEO have many tools and methods to get noticed by the search engines. One among them is the sitemap

What is a Sitemap?

The sitemap is the easiest way for the SEOs to inform the search engines about their website pages and are available for crawling. This sounds quite technical, right? In simplest terms, the sitemaps can be defined as an XML file, which lists the URLs for the website alongside the URL’s metadata that includes the static time stamps indicating when it was last updated, how often it undergoes changes and how important they are relatively to other URLs in the website. This helps the search engine to intelligently crawl the site.

The sitemap has wide adoption including the giants Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! and is offered under the terms of Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License.

Working of Sitemap

Usually, the web crawler or specifically the Google crawler discovers the pages from the links within the website and from other websites. The Sitemaps provides this data to the crawlers. This data allows the crawlers that support Sitemaps to get all the URLs and learn about them using the metadata that is associated. Making use of the sitemap protocol doesn’t guarantee you the absolute presence of web pages in the search engines but does drops the hints to the crawlers to get the crawling of your site done better.

Types of Sitemaps

Now that we know that a Sitemap is a list of pages of a website. Let us understand the types of Sitemaps the SEOs incorporate in their website.Primarily there are three kinds of Sitemaps

•First kind is the one that is used by the designers during the planning of the Website .

•Second is the human-visible listing, or say hierarchical structure of the pages on the website

•The last kind is the structured listing that is intended for the web crawlers like search engines

The sitemaps can be addressed to the user or to the software. We have many websites that have the user-visible sitemaps that is present in a typically hierarchical and in a systematic view. These aspects tend to help the visitors find the required pages and are also used by the crawlers.

The alphabetically organized site maps also called as site indexes are also a different approach for easy visibility and crawling

And if the idea is getting high visibility in the search engines then there is a structured format called as the XML Sitemap. It lists the pages in a website, also their relative importance and frequency of getting updated. This structured format is important for the web pages which are not accessible through links from any other pages but only through the site’s search tools or through dynamic construction of URLs in the Adobe Flash or Js.

Types of Sitemaps

On the whole, the sitemaps contributes in getting high SEO rank for your pages because of easy-accessibility and crawling through. They also act as the navigation aid that provides the site’s content’s overview at a glance.

Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Marketing boost business , May 16, 2019

Social Media a virtual space we made for ourselves for various social actions. The social media is a catch-all term that refers to providing a space for different social actions. Talking about the giants in Social Media we got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram brimming up us on interacting and connecting with people across the globe. For an instance, we have the Instagram to share our moments and pictures with friends and followers, while the Twitter allows us to share short messages or updates with others and in contrast we have the Facebook, the full-blown social media networking site that allows us to share updates, photos, join events and do a variety of activities, we wouldn’t have ever reached without it. No wonder, these social media platforms has leveled up the scope for the marketing. The Social Media Marketing! It is the form of internet marketing that uses social networking sites as the social networking sites as a marketing tool.

Why is Social Media Marketing building hype?

Basically, the Social Media Marketing refers to a process of gaining attention or traffic for your brand or content through social media. The major motive of Social Media Marketing is to produce the shareable content that users can share with their friends and spread across the social network to increase their brand recognition and give their brand or content a global exposure and broaden customer reach. The Social Media Marketing helps a company find their potential customers and make their brand seem more personable in the sense of getting direct feedbacks or queries from their customers. The interactive platforms of Social Media gives their customer base an opportunity to provide their sellers their an honest feedback about the product and the improvisation they need, which ultimately is helpful for both the brand and the customers. This aspect of Social Media Marketing is called the social customer relationship management. One of the major and key components of Social Media Marketing is the Social Media Optimization. Like the search engines have the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the Social Media Optimization is for Social Media. It is a strategy to draw new and unique visitors to a website. It is done in two ways either by adding the social media links to the content or by promoting the activity through the social media by updating the tweets, blog posts, and statuses. The Social Media Marketing has become more common with its increased popularity of the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. With their increasing popularity, there are door opening for the brands to flare up and the individuals to bag their jobs. In fact, the social media marketing by the organizations and companies have a substantial impact on the employment growth. With the years coming we may have more and more opportunities in the virtual world of Social media than in the real-time and no wonder the Social Media Marketing would be the major gateway for every aspect in the industry.


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